Global Digital Marketing Support

  1. delivery to target customers in the digital space of the world
  2. 2.Visualization of the purchasing process, including data fusion and conflict
  3. 3.Construction of continued growth foundation
  • Where you are the potential customers for their products and services?
  • It is to convey the appropriate information when you think you want potential customers?
  • Rather than endless left to the local, in order to properly control from Japan?

And it provides effective digital marketing service profile data with ultra-high speed PDCA cycle was the opposition.

1. Specific target customer image

Segment set
in the attribute-tastes
(more than 6,000 tags)

  • Beauty Guru
  • Pragmatism
    (cost performance faction)
  • Pro-Japanese women
    (Japanese brand mania)

User Profiles

SNS content

  • Home bakery buy
  • Concert of Jonathan Lee
  • Cosmetics purchase at Kansai Travel
  • Movie comments on WEIBO
  • Interest in twitter

CRM data

  • Product
  • Amount
  • frequency

2. Reach to the customer

Look-alike model
Identify similar potential customers

3. Data analysis

  • Review of the distribution target segment by visitors attribute analysis
  • Creative campaign by WEB / SNS reverberation
  • Distribution plan improvement by consider purchasing reaction

Global Survey

Induce the survey subjects who were segmented by attribute-tastes to
the questionnaire form through the digital media.
Reflect the answer tendency of each segment to the measures.

  • * By the ad delivery, induction option of the customers who visited the guiding destination site or app at least once,to the questionnaire form is also available.