Individual approach to the 8 million Chinese tourists to Japan Advertising Support

  1. 1.Ad delivery targeting real time visitors to Japan, or prospective visitors
  2. 2.Optimal delivery to a valid media of
    the user by analysing site
    visit history and App useage
  3. 3.Creative delivery effect analysis

Attract the Chinese tourists in Japan to a real retail shop such as Cosmetics, health foods and clothing.

In addition, you can also inform the products to prospective visitors in advance.

In preparation for the new Chinese market expansion,
induced a visit customers as a test marketing in Japan store,
it is also possible to know the reaction of the commodity.

Contents creation services for foreign tourist including Chinese translation
  • Website page creative
    Banner advertising and video ads
  • Appeal point of each customer model
  • Continuous improvement proposals

Depending on the message, we create a native ad, banner and video ads.
Chinese translation option available. Please consult about landing page creation or any options.