Global market analysis utilizing profile data

  1. 1.Acquisition of vast purchasing
    / hobby information of the global
    "individual customers"
    (via alliance partners)
  2. 2.Combined purchase prediction
    based on basic profile data
    (such as regional, annual income,
    educational background and family structure) and hobby preference data
    (favorite color, brand and hobby)
  3. 3.Understanding of the target market size,
    tips excavation of product development
    / sales promotion

Able to understand clealy the local consumer profile by objective data
in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
This market analysis technique will greatly change
the common sense of product planning, sales and marketing.


Profile data category examples of individual customers

Attribute information

  • Male 45-year-old, married, household size: 4 people
  • Working at ABC Inc. , engineers,
  • Annual income: $ 75 ~ 90k, residential areas: N.Y

Lifestyle interest

  • Workaholic, overseas business trip: frequent
  • Health interest: high
  • Volunteers participation: Frequent

Preferences and customs

  • Internet purchase history: frequent
  • Healthy food, luxury food purchase: frequent
  • Web campaign ad reaction: High
  • Coupon use: Low
  • Type AA
  • Mass advertising type
  • Asia
  • Royalty High
  • Mania user
  • Type AA
  • Mass advertising type
  • Asia
  • Royalty High
  • Segmentation of prospects
  • Grasp target volume