China cross-border EC open, attract customers and sales up support

  1. 1.Ad delivery to high-affinity target for products and services
  2. 2.Deep product understanding
    by video ad distribution
    and special site induction
  3. 3.Efficient ad delivery by quick PDCA

Chinese EC market in 2020 is said to be about 200 trillion yen,
a number of Japanese companies have entered into China EC market.

  • I do not know where I will open my store?
  • Store opened in China, but sales is not growing.
  • I want to attract customers in China but do not know how
  • Brand awareness is low in China market
  • Lack of dedicated person in charge
  • There is no know-how to ads delivery on the WEB

Not end with store openings in China cross-border EC, important thing is the action after the opening.
Point Three will provide a service to solve the problems that Japanese companies are facing,
from opening to China EC, product recognition, attract customers to sales acquisition.

China market test marketing package store openings support
  • Reaction investigation of products
    in China market.
  • Induction of foregin tourists
    to the store In Japan.
    Induce Japan prospect foregin tourists
    to the product introduction website.
  • Specify effective store openings destination,
    opening support

If you have any worries for the Chinese market, it is also possible to start from the market analysis.
After the test marketing to confirm the reaction of the products by inducing foreign tourists at the store in Japan, China EC site opening may be the next step.

Point Three also carried out Advertising Support for Chinese tourists to visit Japan store.
You can read the page below in more detail.

Advertising support service for Chinese tourists in Japan

Advertising content creation services including Chinese translation
  • Creative Production
    Animation banner, video ads
  • Appeal point of each customer model
  • Continuous improvement proposals

We design appeal point for each customer model.
Depending on the message, we produce a native ad, banner and video ads.
Since we have Chinese translation corresponds, please consult us about the production of landing page.

China cross-border EC marketing trial package three months ad serving
  • Narrow down the best target from
    smartphone users from 800 million people
  • Continuous message optimization
    Induction to the EC site
  • Minimum of 30% of the sales increase

Trial price offerings for China digital marketing support services for four months (one cycle)

We also carried out digital marketing support in asian countries in addition to China.
You can read the page below for more information.

The global digital marketing support services