Beyond the border

Through the Internet, unseen customers around the world will be engaged with products and services of Japan in the fastest and best form.

Personal profile, creatives, and data analysis are the three pillars.

In order to connect with customers around the world

Total world population transition
Age 2010 2020 2040
Total population 6,126,620,000 7,758,150,000 9,157,230,000
The median age 28 31 34
2016 Statistics
of workers
Working class
or above※4
growth rate
Japan 126,990,000 48 63,880,000 106,550,000 1.03%
North American 469,550,000 36 217,390,000 361,680,000 1.75% 3 countries
Asian countries 3,825,000,000 34 1,752,950,000 1,932,750,000 5.80% 12 countries
African countries 517,000,000 22 167,000,000 294,350,000 2.87% 6 countries

Many companies wins the intense competition of the high-growth period of the 1970s, then about 50 years, we have created attractive products and services, highly reliable design and quality.
Newly born companies, competing with the long-established companies, has been making efforts to be accepted in the mature consumer , by developing a new field.
It is the way to propose customer first.

In the world, 80 million people have joined the consumer layer every day.
Same level as middle-class in Japan is increasing 600,000 people every day.

In 2030, the middle class of the world has reached 4.9 billion people, it is expected to account for 58 percent of the world's population. (Currently 1.8 billion, 24%)

Ignoring the deviation of statistical prediction and strict definition of middle class, people become rich, mature, and aging in the whole world.

Products and services that pulled trained in the mature market has flooded in Japan.
Unfortunately a lot of people around the world do not know their products and services.
In developed countries, country of Japan, Japanese and products of Japan are well-known but a new middle call consumer layer in emerging countries might not even know the existence of a country of Japan Hmm.

Information technology, such as internet and smart phones was greatly evolved to "know. Tell. Interact.". Eliminating the constraints of time and place, was it possible to communicate on a one-to-one (person-to-business).
Smartphone has become a doorway of the society in both developed and emerging countries, reached almost 100% penetration rate in developed countries, over 90% in emerging countries.

Through the digital tools such as internet and smart phones, even in the people of any country in the world, PointThree supports people of any country in the world to know the product of Japan and engaged(with deep empathy).

Not limited to a simple product advertising, we can find to what people of the country will react and what the demand.
We will support "Customer first, best proposal to customer" which Japanese companies have built so far, by using degital tool.

Point Three Co., Ltd.
Toru Fujita

  1. *1 3 countries the United States, Canada, Mexico
  2. *2 12 countries Iran, India, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, China, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia
  3. *3 6 countries Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Nai Julia, South Africa
  4. *4 food, clothing and shelter is insufficient, economically independent people without the help of outside help.

* Reference Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau of
"World Statistics 2016" Global Notes