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"Are you doing that far?"

When I was talking about visiting several thrift shops, it was a word from a client.
This was a story of searching for a mold-stained tub in order to explain a product that can remove mold from a washing machine tub sold at a cross-border online shop in China with a verification video.
Founded in 2012, we have provided services that realize marketing science by collecting, accumulating, analyzing, and utilizing data with the aspiration of "changing the world with data." It's a journey that puts the customer first and makes the best proposals.
Since around 2015, we have been providing digital marketing services to local Japanese companies and cross-border EC companies in China, where a wide variety of highly accurate data is collected.
As a national policy, China has shifted many services such as electronic money, online shops, SNS, and credit scores to digital, and is promoting DX (digital transformation) in popular terms. We have accumulated a lot of marketing data in that digital native country.
In product sales, if you approach potential customers with region, age, annual income, lifestyle, and purchasing tendency with a brand message and timing, you can instantly find out the advertising response rate and purchase probability.
This is just a calculation formula as a marketing company, not the income and expenditure of the client (manufacturer) who is the main seller. To be honest, we will not go bankrupt due to "marketing costs" from our clients, even if the formula is correct, incorrect, or neglected to improve.

Is it OK as it is.

Now, Japanese companies that depended on inbound are suffering. The warehouses of many manufacturers and producers have a never-selling inventory. I like Japanese products. There are many Japanese premium products that are unknown to the world.
What we can do now is to widely provide the accumulated marketing data and its know-how. Selling goods across countries is not easy for many companies. Our cross-border EC is mainly conducted by us, and we perform all of China market research, branding, digital marketing, cross-border EC listing, delivery, customer support, etc.
It is human wisdom and effort to improve even if a precise calculation formula is created. If the product introduction video is unresponsive, we will remake it and re-approach it many times and dozens of times. At the beginning, "Are you doing that far?" Is the seller's voice that we should listen to.
The difficulty and risk of retail sales are enormous, but venture companies should take on the challenge. This is a new challenge in the 9th year since our founding, but we will do our best to return what we have gained to society.

President and CEO
Toru Fujita

Company Profile

Trade name
Point Three Co., Ltd.
Toru Fujita
Business start
May 2012
Business content
Overseas Market Digital Marketing Support
Overseas Market Analysis
Inbound tourists marketing
Domestic Market Domestic Web Market Analysis
Cross-border EC Site Opening
99,000,000 yen (capital reserve 37,000,000 yen)
Shareholder composition
Our director and SMBC Strategic Investment No. 1 Investment Limited Partnership
Riders Publicity Co., Ltd.
MBK Co., Ltd
Street address
BLDG 4F 2-10-11 Kanda-Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

About officers

Toru Fujita
President and CEO
Hazime Mita
Biography and important concurrent positions
Kazuhiro Konba
Biography and important concurrent positions


Start of business in May
October Moved head office from Shinagawa Ward to Chuo Ward
December Increased capital to 10 million yen
June Increased capital to 60 million yen
July Increased capital to 62 million yen
May Moved the head office from Shinjuku Ward to Chiyoda Ward
November WeChat mini program stores open

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List of major Clients

  • Alpine Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Kao Corporation
  • Sony Business Solutions Corporation
  • Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd.