Employee introduction


From the second year after joining the company, he was in charge of PMO (Project Management Office) work in back end system replacement of major companies.

From the third year of joining the company, he supports the expansion of Japanese companies into China, mainly engaged in digital advertising related business.

What made you decide to join the company?

At the time of job hunting in 2015, it was the 4th year since the company was founded,and I was attracted to the environment where I could take on various challenges, so I decided to join the company.

What kind of work is digital marketing?

Simply put, to increasing sales / recognition, information on client products / services / campaigns, etc. will be delivered to consumers via the Internet.
All digital advertising activities are shown numerical results.
We will go through the PDCA cycle while looking at the daily figures and work toward achieving KPIs according to the client's advertising purpose.

What capabilities do you need for digital marketing?

I think hypothetical thinking is the most important.
As mentioned earlier, the results appear as numbers, so I feel that it is important when considering the ability to understand the relationship between those numbers, the reason why this happened / how to improve it,and the points to be improved.
Also , it is not limited to digital marketing, but I think it is important that you do not have any allergies to learn how to use tools such as various Office software